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   at the outset, in the midst of bad-mouthing, we use weak growth rather than market fell to summarize run trends in the industry in 2018 is not something new or trying to beautify, but seeks a deeper level to explain the 2018 market.

   Rather, the market decline is the appearance. Both appearances, then it means "dip" mentioned the word difficult to make all aspects of operation of the market - the lack of thrust from the demand, is the root cause of decline in 2018 to characterize the market appeared to run.

   The so-called decline

   From this point of view the root causes, to understand the so-called market decline in 2018, we will have a more three-dimensional perception.

   First, the market sales in 2018 did not satisfactory, and the total amount of sales growth last year comparison is indeed negative. This is the first we summarize knowledge needed to run the market in 2018 formed.

   As a third-party market data monitoring firm Ove cloud network data released in 2018 1--9 months, kitchen electric market sales of 45.21 million units, down 3.1% year on year; sales of 46.49 billion yuan, fell 4.2%.

   The PRC market is estimated from the data, from January to September of traditional electric kitchen range hood retail sales fell 7.3% year on year scale, retail sales of embedded electric steamer, embedded electric oven, dishwasher respectively -3.7% - 12.1%, 32.7%, embedded Zhengkao products are declining, dishwasher growth has dropped by nearly 70%.

   Second, need to understand that, we often mention the kitchen electric concept itself has a wealth of extension. Smoke stoves eliminate the traditional decline this year is not the first round, a large decline in the strength of his is not the first round. Emerging embedded micro Zhengkao, dishwashers and other products despite the decline, it is relative to the 2017 rate of close to 100% surge. Placed within the last three to five years period, the emerging electric kitchen (embedded micro Zhengkao, dishwasher, even including gas water heater, boiler, integrated kitchen, etc.) growth rate is still impressive.

   Third, the overall market decline, there is some reference value in exploration research enterprise running. The overall decline for the industry as the impact strength of each enterprise, but the results are not the same. Some slowdown, some stagnation, and some even the performance of large-scale landslide, even facing elimination. For industry leaders such as the oldBoard, side too, Vantage and other brands, is facing slowdown; for lack of brand pull business, the decline in the intensity of 2018 is enough to make the living environment has become difficult

   Fourth, in recent years, the rapid development of kitchen electric industry, has formed a one hundred billion industry. One hundred billion size of the base, making it difficult to reproduce the spectacular high future industry growth. Even skipping decline in 2018, the future of high consolidation, a small increase will be the main tone industry. Industry, the threshold will further enhance the brand road speculators will become more narrow.

   more fruit because

   As mentioned earlier, 2018 is not the first round of market decline over the past decade. In fact, from 2008 onwards, the entire kitchen electric industry entered a period of consolidation. Among these, 2008, 2012, 2015, have successively appeared the market dropping, the only difference magnitude.

   To investigate the causes of market decline, past and comprehensive view of the new situation in 2018, there are several points we need to pay particular attention to the following:

   First, the big electric kitchen placed the entire national economy under environment, despite growth in the appliance industry last piece of high ground in the title, but electric kitchen and can not escape the framework of the national economy. As part of large expenditures, per capita disposable income of the whole society directly affects the kitchen electricity purchases. After deducting price factors, the first half of 2018, per capita disposable income growth rate of 6.7%, as a family income accounted for 1.5% of the fixed annual consumption of large, kitchen electric consumption is limited and quite rightly so.

   Second, as kitchen electric household consumer durables, and real estate market are inextricably linked. According to new demand and replacement ratio of 65:35 of view, new housing demand is the main power kitchen electric industry. But according to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2018 the new home market sales of existing homes fell 25% area.

   in the past two years, 2018 to conduct the new home market sales of forward delivery housing area of 鈥嬧€媑rowth for two consecutive years decreased by about 10%, coupled with the 2018 national level for a variety of real estate limited provincial policy, leading to second-hand housing market frozen trend appears, replace the demand for second-hand housing is also a certain inhibition. Looking at the long term, from 2017 to start a new round of real estate regulation so far there are no signs of loosening, for the future market will be affected byGradually reflected.

   Third, with respect to the incremental closely related to the real estate market, accounting for 35% of the proportion of the total market in the stock market on upgrading also encountered new problems. Consumers 8 years of life according to the traditional stove smoke point of view, of the high growth 2010,2011,2013,2014 just entered the installation of replacement in 2018, its thrust is still far from release.

   Thus, the incremental difficulty, the stock has not yet connected, resulting in a difficult market situation in 2018, in a word, traditional stove smoke elimination is essential goods, closely related to the real estate trends (the stock market and use closely related to life; emerging embedded micro Zhengkao, dishwasher, water purification and other cleaning robot and even the current 80 per cent of families or optional product, is closely related to the disposable income of the poor economic environment, either. new demand or upgrade demand is bound to be suppressed, which is not self-evident truth.

   is difficult to scale the opportunities and risks

   dimension pull the long term, the market decline in 2018 was just a node. since the 2008 economic crisis, the kitchen electric industry has entered a stage of hovering ups and downs, and increased difficulty which means that business operations. in a sense, the problem is not a word, but a measure of the opportunities and risks collectively, both present in equal amounts, relative born. the more difficulties, risks and opportunities will be.

   into the undulating stage circling kitchen electric market, the shock off the brand speculators, the weak body Qi after that, the existing companies will give it the opportunity to leave a great opportunity far only refers to market share, further comprising a mature team, dealer resources and huge growth potential for aftermarket - and then a small (poor) businesses have excellent business manager, loyal dealers, loyal users, this part of the resources for any business, are valuable resources

   for example: Vantage 2018 the newly established service brand Vdo, its starting point, not only to revitalize that they have accumulated over 30 million user market, will turn their attention to after-sales market of some weak ability to brand and even the brand has been eliminated aftermarket.

   circled market ups and downs, means that the market growth thrust of complex one, the 2018 stock market incremental and lack of thrust; secondly consumer grade stratification is more distinct; Third, learn brand information and purchase transitDiameter more dispersed. Many reasons, pointing to a result: business set-off cost has risen considerably.

   For enterprises, the era of waiting for the customer a single long past, starting to build consumer awareness, all work must advance enough to play, but also enough depth, which is a comprehensive enterprise operational capability It challenges. What is clear portrait of the consumer, how to make products allow consumers to heart, how to deliver a good brand image to consumers and resonate, how in the most efficient way to transport goods and consumer culture, this is a new retail the question of the proper meaning, is the key to the future status of corporate decision compete.

   circled market ups and downs of kitchen electric industry, also means Enthusiasm each category. Kitchen electric industry in the entire appliance industry sector is the most abundant connotation of a word. From the earliest to the later kitchen smoke smoke stoves eliminate three-piece, and then assigned to kitchen smoke elimination, micro Zhengkao, dishwasher, integrated sink, and then superimposed Installation Embedded, the emerging new class greatly expanded electric kitchen extension, but also contains many new market opportunities.

   This is not just related to the annual performance of enterprises, is related to the proposition corporate strategy - substitutability strong or weak, whether consumers really valuable, can meet consumer habits, or just need a flexible demand, which require companies to clearly distinguish. There cooker, disinfection cabinet, tankless hot water, electric faucet Cheng Li, dazzling the market before the outbreak, companies must have enough courage of your convictions, as would be the carbon of snow or spend on Kam, especially in the enterprise need to be cautious.

   At the same time, this Enthusiasm, also not only on new products, even the existing products, the situation often appear suddenly rise. For example, entering 2010, after years of silence to the water heater appears rapid growth, a time three or four years caused a continuous wave of capital expansion. This trend, the achievements of thirty-five business, but after calming markets, caused the collapse of a conservative estimate there are more than ten times the enterprise. Now, gas water heater, boiler and rapidly on the amount, naturally a lot of opportunity, but also a lot of risk. For many companies, seeing that honey, it is perhaps ingest arsenic.

   As mentioned earlier, the 2018 market downturn is not the first time, does not rule out future reproduction. Long past the era of extensive growth, high and volatile, forward-thinking business requirements, precision management era has arrived.

   as checkpoints out of the game, more to the high order, the greater the challenge, the prize will also be more generous.

   (Source: Aiken home network, invasion deleted)

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