Water purifiers wat smell, Tim net wpurifito help you analyz
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  Water purifiers water smell, Tim net water purifier to help you analyze the reasons of: Tim net water purification Views: 531 Published: 2016-10-21 11:05:10 multi-family, large amount of water, changing the water frequently drinking fountains let Xiaomei (a pseudonym) is very troubled, listen to friends, Xiaomei installed a home water purifier. Just started quite well, regardless of the amount of water or water quality, have won favor Xiaomei, but after a month, the water began to sour. ? Why do water purifier water becomes foul reasons the following two points: First, the water purifier filter is dirty, or is dead. If you buy the time is not long, it may be caused by dirty, you should first try to clean, if he will not, you can contact the service personnel of the water purifier; if it appears dirty for a long time use, it would have to check to see whether the membrane has been bad, it was replaced. Second, a long time without water purifier, may produce dirty. If the long-term without water purifier, may cause the breeding of bacteria and fungi in the machine, causing fermentation of organic matter odor. So long useless water purifier, then, we must remember to rinse before using again. Buy household water purifiers, be sure to choose brands long history, reliable quality, service quality, good reputation water purifier manufacturers, but in the purchase and installation time to try to ask to use water purifier precautions to avoid home water purification process for use in personal problems arise because of improper operation.

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