To ensure the normal operation of thwater purifi filtreplace
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   Note the use of the water purifier, how much you know, Xiao Bian Weapon for you, so you can easily enjoy a safe and healthy drinking water, bring water purifier really enjoy healthy water. Then how do maintenance water purifier it



   First of all:? Timely replacement cartridge, each cartridge has a life, a different filter life different, PP cotton life of 3-6 months, the life of the activated carbon is about eight to ten months, RO reverse osmosis is about two years. DETAILED life is determined according to the water quality and water family, specifically with reference to the description. Filter is the core component of water purification products, must be promptly replaced.

   Second: Some users in the use of water purifier, where the need to put water where water purifier to move, did not move a few times a product is not water. This is because the internal water purifier accessories are each linked by a joint, often move could result in damage to the internal parts, so that the machine will not operate properly.

   Third: remember to turn off power and water when not in use long-term, long-term if they go out, do not use water purifiers for some time, remember to turn off the power, cut off the water, so water purifiers complete water and electricity. Doing so the machine is also very useful, can extend machine life. At the same time, re-use, to open net tap, drained after a number of water purification to normal use.

   Finally: maintenance of water purifier, direct impact on the quality of water purification, and water purifiers life. Consumers should proceed from reality and do the proper use of both water purifier and aftercare.

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