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   Chinese people like the mentality contrast, is almost innate, three rows, must be my teacher, but three rows, there must be a higher low, regardless of the outcome of eliminating the inferior anything out of a total reconciled ! to buy a house which you buy a lot more than this comparison, read a book you read to see what school, get a job who also get more than you pay, you buy a car but also to see what brand to buy ..... throughout our daily life, even throughout life, there is no comparison there would be no harm, no harm would exhibit no sense of superiority!

   as a small series are engaged in the water industry, in fact, this is also very well, from the "Westernization movement" to "Chinese wisdom made" from blind imitation to independent innovation and change, the development of Chinas water industry has gone through from imitation to innovation transformation journey, either from the hardware design, aesthetic , or it is UI and program development and upgrades from the software side; whether it is industry, academia, research or from technical upgrading of China with just a few decades, has been at the forefront of the world.

   there is no comparison there would be no harm, no comparison can not see the same gap, and do not know how to go about screening and learning, there is no comparison, the same will lose momentum of progress, large national survival and development of small and overall competitiveness. Lay home water purifier, does not live 10 years of painstaking research and development and technology upgrades, to bring "A + Star" CL-DR-F301 heavy strikes, set design, technical, functional, convenient and pleasant experience in one, shock ! than you think


   there is no comparison to no harm, "a + Star" CL-DR-F301 heavy strikes

   1 US witnessed a Bonjour temperament: it combines simple, stylish, elegant, noble, musical beauty in one; more honorable than fashion, more elegant than noble, more style than elegant, more pleasing than style; streamlined beauty and sense of honor each other, the United States the era of temperament Bonjour! whether it is on the stage, or the audience, similar to the extraordinary total value of outstanding color and temperament, set off your identity. Since the cover means should be designed from experience respect Wyatt fine details.


   each cup of water love his family. Water purifier high-end experience - as custom, water purification love and noble - water - water balance - pleasant water, purification of high-end experience. Unlimited deployment, heart and harmony, love and dignity customization. Pure water, mineral water, both free water allocation, the heart to enjoy. Honorable, drink fromby. Mineral water and pure water, free to deploy in different proportions to obtain: more beneficial to the bodys mineral water; water taste better; more pure and fresh water; more balanced and healthy water; more balanced joyful experience water.


   500G bucket no large flow of water purification machines, a Mimi drink! 1.3 liters of water per minute, then full glass of water only 14S, fast water, drink the whole family! WIFI intelligent control, TDS look at any value, comparable butler service! water quality before and after the show, filter life display, touch button controls. Smart APP, or a healthy water an instant, real-time networking log in at any time that you render the water quality of the home, always protect your family healthy drinking water.


   Jianbin endorsement portrait, water quality, home pleasure!

   honor, and love.

   each cup of water love his family.

   (children, parents) children long body, like to drink mineral water in the morning, at night like to drink pure water, mineral water like mother, father hath like to drink pure water.

   (wife) she likes drink pure water, she likes 1% water 99% mineral water, pure water 98 2% she likes mineral water, 3% she likes pure mineral water ...... 97

   (husband) you like to drink pure water, pure water molecules like you, you like fresh water, you like to have intimacy water, you like a little sweet water ......

   [123 ] balance water, to love each and every loved ones happy Sheng hotline:! 400-600-3188

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