Water purifier three types of bottled watis being replacedy
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   water purifier three types go, is replacing bottled water, so what brand of good? This is also worthy of our concern, and the next three to see that become the mainstream of the times.


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   First class: substantially water softeners using ion exchange skills, resin adsorption of calcium and magnesium ions (alkali water), to remove scale. After adsorption for regeneration brine full reduction, the use of the resin can be recycled, its active degree of resolution of the reliability of demineralized water.

   The water softener is more leading fully automatic traffic type to soften the water to regulate, fully automatic regeneration salt wash, always ensuring qualified demineralized water; followed by moments is fully automatic type, according to the rules of water, time back wash full active; when a more economical semi-active type, needs conditioning time manually, and then actively back wash, the provincial salt. Water softener main intention is to progress day water quality, but not suitable for drinking.

   The second category: pure water filtered out of the water that is pure, it uses a reverse osmosis membrane filtration skills, microfiltration center, as long as water molecules than water molecules and minerals pass filter film and preserved, bacteria, pollutants, minerals can not pass filter and then to ensure that pure water quality. Water filtered shortage in essential minerals, not long-term drinking, not particularly suitable for young people in physical development stage.

   The third category: water purifier having a filter function, due to the different skill divided into sand filter, activated charcoal, ultrafiltration, can be bound on the degree of water purification. But water purifier filter because long-term use is gradually being blocked filter impurities.

   purifier cartridge as the central member, is divided into two kinds of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis machine. Ultrafiltration water purifiers are cheap, but poor water removing effect of chemical contamination; reverse osmosis water purification osmosis membrane pore size is much smaller than the pore size of the ultrafiltration membrane, thus removing heavy metals in water, pesticides and chloroform chemical contaminants, but its water rate is very low, a higher cost.

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