Summer drink ice water will not actually gaineight Tanliang
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summer, there is nothing better than coming on a refreshing and delicious ice water even more refreshing it? But summer drink, can not be Tanliang Well, chances are, thats cause you fat the culprit!


long-term effects of drinking ice water circulation


end of the female cycle has been relatively poor, prone to cold hands and feet of the situation. At this point if the limbs and ice water will make peripheral nerve blood circulate more slowly, affect human metabolic waste rate, body tend to accumulate too many toxins, the body also will slowly take shape. So should drink plenty of warm water, blood vessel dilation to improve circulation problems.


long-term consumption of ice water to reduce metabolism


Western believes that the people drinking ice water, the bodys constant role to play some of the heat effect must be consumed to raise the temperature of ice water, which seems to burn calories It is helpful. But if long-term drinking ice water, often more physical energy distribution system to the consumer, there will be an imbalance in the bodys energy status of long-term phenomenon, and finally causes the body to slow down the movement of the reduction of metabolic action. Many people think that drinking ice water can lose weight, lose weight in fact, this is misunderstanding, in Chinese medicine, water retention in the body will affect human metabolism, particularly ice water makes it much easier to gain weight. Long-term drinking ice water will bring additional burden on the body, thus affecting the normal metabolism of people, this is the decisive reason for more people to get fat ice water.


long-term effects of stomach iced water will gain weight


gut more vulnerable to lose weight during this time is not suitable for drinking ice water, it is easy to damage the gastrointestinal function, causing bloating, diarrhea and other symptoms. One would think that would be easier to lean diarrhea, which is not the right idea, because the function of the stomach weakened, other functions of the body also becomes weak, and ultimately the bodys ability to metabolize also followed deteriorate. So eat less metabolized less, and have actually become easy fat physique.


to drink the right time


1, getting up in the morning empty stomach to drink about 300 ml of warm water, can wake gastrointestinal function, promote bowel detoxification.


2, each half an hour before dinner in 300 ml of warm water, can alleviate hunger, can effectively control diet. However, if the amount of water before meals too, will be discharged soon, then hunger will be heavier, but also to eat more.


3, before going to bed should drink less, because the nightThe bodys digestive and urinary systems need to rest, drink plenty of water at night if not metabolized properly it is easy to stay human, resulting in edema.


4, at other times during the day and drink plenty of water to add water at any time, especially office workers, put a glass of water on the table, nothing to drink two to add water, which allows cellular water saturation, promote metabolism.


did not think there is so much attention to ice water, right? The use of scientific knowledge, correct the errors, embrace healthy!

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