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   [water purifier investment network] April 18, 2019, 2019 China Summit and the Fourth China water purifier brand water purifier 100 companies awards event was successfully held in Beijing Wuzhou Crown International Hotel, clean water source clean water with strong enterprise strength, quality products and good reputation among many competitors come to the fore, in one fell swoop won the "Chinese water 10 companies", "Chinas top 10 water-saving water purification products," "most trusted consumer brand water purifier" three awards, becoming the shining star of the summit.

   this summit is the 2019 China water purifier brand, China Electronics Technology Association of energy-saving appliances environmental special committee organized by the China Business Daily, China Daily Research Institute, Center for PKU electronics industry think tank Chinese Electronics Standardization Research, hospital, Beijing PRC, market research Co., drinking water network host, is the water purification industry events have authority and influence, to get Peoples Daily, China economic net, China network, Xinhua, CNR network and other national media and mainstream news media to report.


   clean water source water purifier was selected the top ten enterprises, deserved

   on the summit, clean water source water purification awarded the "Chinese water 10 companies," the award can be described as to its name return. Important juncture in the water industry in the shuffle of change, clean water source did not forget the early heart, eighteen years like a day dream stick to clean water, technology and innovation as an engine for development, has always occupied an important position in the engineering, civil, commercial water treatment. Since its inception in 2001, it is committed to solving the clean water source in China "dirty water, less water, unsafe drinking water," three major problems, is a collection of materials research and development, equipment manufacturing membrane, membrane processes film applied to one of the Chinese high-tech environmental protection enterprises , and in 2010 at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM listed. Up to now it has made more than 500 patents, won the State Science and Technology Progress Award second prize, the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award and many other honors, becoming the Chinese water industry benchmark.

   Product saving significant ten selected saving, energy efficient


   Summit, also brand water purifier actual product evaluation, in terms of energy-saving products, nanofiltration water purifier clean water source D601 machine is particularly brisk, won the "Top 10 Chinese water-saving water purification products" award. It is reported that, using a clean water source of low pressure developed a new generation selective nanofiltration filter patented technology can effectively remove harmful substances in water, retained minerals, water protectionSafety and health quality; and has a low operating pressure, flux characteristics than conventional water purifier saving about 3 times. Previously, this product more by the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, Beijing Light Industry Certification Center certification authority, access issued by the Beijing CCLC A + certification of water-saving, water production rate of more than 70% in water conservation nanofiltration type water purifier are rated at level 1 water-saving products.

   brand with quality wins hearts, trusted

   Gold silver cup as the reputation of the people, the clean water source deep water purifier market, insist on quality to win the people on the summit, was awarded "the most water purification by consumers trust brand "award. Over the years, always with clean water source people a safe and healthy water as their responsibility, not only to provide consumers with high-quality, diverse water purification products, but also on every users product experience, strong service team guarantee worry-free drinking water, won the majority of consumer recognition and trust.

   In terms of product, according to different people clean water source, different scenarios, different types of designs the water purification products. At present, the clean water source of water purification products have been successfully applied in five series, use is divided into whole house water purification series, kitchen series, living room and office series, campus straight drink equipment, commercial engineering series, can provide personalized solutions adapted to local conditions of drinking water . It has brought safety and health protection of drinking water for many families, catering companies, schools, banks, medical units.

   In services, clean water source service range covering more than 90% of the area by the hundreds of contract service network in response to customer issues within two hours, the call center year-round, providing timely and quality services, to ensure that every one user can enjoy clean water sources peace of mind, rest assured, attentive, caring, intimate "five heart" service.

   clean water source of water purification in the 2019 China water purifier brand of football won three awards in one fell swoop the summit, is an honor but also a responsibility, but also temper forward momentum. Future, clean water source will continue to shoulder corporate social responsibility, to maintain technological innovation, brands play a leading role in the industry and exemplary role, to do their part for the rapid development of the water industry and peoples safety and health drinking water.

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