Trading Rules purifier success- so that consumers are value
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  Consumers who on the matter of health products you choose, there will be no slacking off, especially now moving into consumer hot water purification equipment on the market. Consumers more rational, they have their own judgment on the performance and quality of the product, not a single Wishing to listen to salespeople, but at the same time, consumers or emotional, they will inevitably be the product of an attractive appearance attract, how to make their products that impress consumers? I believe many water purifiers businesses have already discerned, that is to make consumers feel "value" in the transaction process.

   there is little interaction can be traded once, it is the accumulation of a number of small decision-making chain, you have to break one by one, in order to finally stand out among competitors, at which point, get a customer commitment is crossed efforts to a decision, is a design seeks to narrow the distance of the transaction. But some water purifier sales staff does not intend to obtain customer commitments.

   1, good service impression

   successfully sell yourself to retain the good impression in the minds of customers, honest, trustworthy, fun is good quality, the lowest bottom line, at least customers do not hate you.

   However, some water purifier sales people often give up for fear of annoying the customer follow-up and drive customer efforts.

   2, evidence to convince

   to be good at integrating a series of information or tools to show clients that you said is true. If there is enough empirical evidence to prove cost-effective, it will naturally be better, it is somewhat rational empirical; there is no empirical evidence, we must learn to "story" to tell a specific, knowing the details, there are confirmed a sense of the story, of course, these are well organized in advance, otherwise it really became a story.


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   4. Related interests

   put the needs of customers and services you can offer to link, to tell her that you can do for she brings little value to help her solve the problem, should standThe position of customers and clients interact inner conflict. The bottom line is that you at least the minimum to make the customer feel that you understand her needs.

   However, some water purifier sales staff can not control a conversation, to be led by the nose of customers, do not know their own core resources, nor the initiative to match your resources to customers.

   5, improve the service

   have a complete after sales service system, can make consumers feel the brand of professional, feel no worries. Assured and bold purchase.

   In short, the water purifier business want to allow customers to buy your product, you must first allow customers to achieve "cool" and "value" on the reason on sensibility. Water purifier salesperson may specifically deal four steps above.

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